Ontario Green’s ask McGuinty government to stop wasting electricity/maxing ON’s credit card

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The Ontario Green Party believes that McGuinty's Liberal government is maxing out Ontario's credit card.

Toronto – Here’s a just-released statement from Green Party of Ontario  on what they believe to be, McGuinty’s irresponsible decision to keep the expensive Clean Energy Benefit:

” The decision puts cynical politics ahead of responsible policy. Ontario can’t afford Premier McGuinty’s shell game with our money. If McGuinty doesn’t have the courage to tackle obvious low hanging fruit, we cannot depend on him to make the tough decisions on fighting the deficit. The misleadingly named Clean Energy Benefit costs Ontario $1.1 billion each year and benefits the wealthiest the most. A more equitable and financially responsible approach is to replace it with a targeted rebate program for low income families and seniors who really need help. Deficit reduction must start with fairness.

[ Ontario government website on the Clean Energy Benefit- http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/en/electricity-prices/clean-energy-benefit/ CP ]

There is no point in canceling programs or laying people off until we address wasteful spending. McGuinty’s decision completely undermines the province’s conservation efforts. The Liberal’s talk on conservation is cheap, but the government’s inaction is costing us billions. Undermining energy efficiency is bad for our economy and environment. It will lead to higher energy costs because we will have to spend billions on new sources of energy. This means the costs to our businesses and households will go up. The smart solution is to help people save money by saving energy and make Ontario more competitive in the process.

Ontario needs political leadership with the courage to come clean with people on the tough decisions we need to make to balance the budget. We can’t keep punting our problems to the next generation.”

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