Ontario Green Leader kicks off “first Green MPP” campaign in Guelph

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Guelph, ON -Surrounded by community members and supporters from across the province, GPO leader Mike Schreiner today kicked off his campaign to represent Guelph as Ontario’s first Green MPP.

“Guelph is the most forward looking community in Ontario. We need to bring the kind of leadership this community shows to Queen’s Park,” says Schreiner. “As MPP for Guelph, I will put the people of Guelph ahead of partisan political games. I will not play politics as usual.”

“We are at a crossroads in Ontario,” says Schreiner. “Successive NDP, PC and Liberal governments have failed to tackle the big challenges. We now face financial, environmental and democratic deficits. Ontario deserves better. Guelph deserves better.”

Schreiner’s run in Guelph also has the support of Canada’s first Green MP, Elizabeth May. “Mike Schreiner will make a great MPP. Queens Park is suffering from a distressing lack of fresh ideas and cooperation in the public interest,” says May. “As Leader of the GPO, he will be heard. As the first Green MPP in Ontario, he will bring new ideas to the table. The people of Guelph have a unique opportunity to put themselves — and the province — first by electing Mike Schreiner.”

Schreiner, a 43-year old father of two, started his career in the Guelph region as an entrepreneur and advocate in the local food movement. As co-founder of WOW Foods, an award winning local organic food delivery company,

Schreiner worked for over 10 years to connect local farmers with consumers and to foster strong local economies.

WOW Foods was co-founded by Mike Schreiner.

Following in the footsteps of Elizabeth May’s election last year, Guelph is well poised to make history and elect Ontario’s first Green MPP.

Schreiner is standing for nomination at a meeting that will take place December 4th at 7:30pm at Innovation Guelph.

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