Ont. Liberals: Electrovaya Leading Charge Towards Clean – Energy Economy

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Electrovaya In Mississauga Leading the Charge Towards A Clean-Energy Economy

MISSISSAUGA – Only the Ontario Liberal Plan is delivering clean, high-tech jobs for Ontario families and building Ontario’s new clean-energy economy.

“Our plan is building a highly skilled workforce so that we can manufacture innovative clean technologies right here in Ontario,” said Premier Dalton McGuinty. “We’re creating clean, high-tech jobs which can only be done by investing in skills and education – our greatest advantage when it comes to competing in the global economy and building a clean-energy economy.”

The Premier made his remarks following a tour of Electrovaya – the only company in Canada that develops and manufactures cutting-edge patented lithium ion batteries used to power electric cars. These batteries let electric cars drive further on a single charge.

Electrovaya also builds energy storage systems – to store wind and solar power – and is currently building the world’s largest single lithium ion battery.

“We’re making Ontario the North American powerhouse for clean-tech manufacturing,” McGuinty said. “Our extremely competitive tax system, our highly skilled workforce and our world-renowned Green Energy Act are making Ontario the place to be for clean, high-tech jobs.”

“Premier McGuinty has shown strong leadership in his advocacy for Ontario businesses in the greening automotive and energy sectors,” said Dr. Sankar Das Gupta, Chair and CEO – Electrovaya Inc. “This government’s support for small and medium enterprises has helped us to remain competitive with global competition while continuing to create high-value green jobs here in Ontario.”

Ontario is the number-one producer of cars in North America. Now the Ontario Liberal Plan is to become the number-one producer of electric cars. Working with companies like Electrovaya will help achieve the goal of having one out of every 20 cars in Ontario electrically powered by 2020.

“Ontario is on track for a stronger future,” McGuinty said. “The opposition would take us off track by killing our clean-energy economy and the jobs it’s creating.

The Hudak PCs $14 billion hole would also mean deep cuts to education, depriving us of the highly skilled workers companies like Electrovaya need. The Horwath NDP would introduce a crushing $9 billion in job-killing taxes. Both would take Ontario off track at the worst time. Our bold plan will position Ontario to become North America’s biggest manufacturer of clean technology. This is the way forward, together.”

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