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Press Release For immediate Release
On Saturday, July 23, eight members of the Green Party of Ontario who reside in Haldimand – Norfolk got together at the Jarvis Lawn Bowling Club. This was a time to connect with old and new friends who share the same belief:  that governance needs to be different.

We share the same common belief that all decisions must take into account the long term effects of the decisions made by the Government when held against the standards of accountability and efficiency. What we mean by that is simple, what makes the best use of the dollars that are collected by taxation? Do the dollars spent create long term jobs, teach our kids, care for our health, and provide the infrastructure that is needed by Ontarians now and for future generations. Or is it spent on “Crazy Debt” ( a term used to describe credit card debt for consumers) where there is little in asset or long term return on the expenditure and our great-grandchildren will still be paying for it.

This is excerpted from the Charter of the Global Greens and states the foundational principles of the party.

 Assert the need for fundamental changes in people’s attitudes, values, and ways of producing and living.

Resolve to promote a comprehensive concept of sustainability which

  • protects and restores the integrity of the Earth’s ecosystems, with special concern for biodiversity and the natural processes that sustain life
  • acknowledges the interrelatedness of all ecological, social and economic processes
  • balances individual interests with the common good
  • harmonizes freedom with responsibility
  • welcomes diversity within unity
  • reconciles short term objectives with long term goals
  • ensures that future generations have the same right as the present generation to natural and cultural benefits

Affirm our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations

If you are like minded and agree with these statements we would truly welcome you to join with us. We can be contacted through our Facebook Page HN Greens or or the Green Party of Ontario Office 1 888 647 3366

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