Media Thank-you from Norfolk County ‘anti-biogas’ Committee

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who assisted in stopping the proposed Biogas Plant at the former Bicks Plant North of Delhi.

We would not have been able to get our story out there if it wasn’t for the assistance of the local media, The Simcoe Reformer [Quebecor Media], The Delhi News Record [Quebecor Media], Norfolk News [Metroland Media] , The Silo [Local Independent], My FM 98.9 [MBC Corporation]. You all reported on our attendance at Council Meetings, our thoughts, opinions and ongoing updates. We can’t thank you enough.

To all the local businesses who had petitions in their stores, La Salette General Store, Vanessa General Store, Windham House, Becca’s, Partner Automotive, Great Mountain Ginseng  and Norfolk Holistic . The support from the community was appreciated and assisted in stopping this proposal.

Thank you to the Teeterville Legion for allowing us to host a community meeting at your facility. This meeting was a huge success, the building was packed, and it allowed the neighbors to find out what was really going on.

Mike Columbus, Toby Barrett, and Toby’s Executive Assistant Bobbi Ann Dwornikiewicz, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You were all approachable, full of information and helped us any way you possibly could.  You came to protests in Ingersoll  in the cold weather, presentations at high schools,  meetings  with the Ministry of Environment in Toronto, and all of the behind the scenes work that you did. You showed us all that politicians are there to help and that you were elected to help the people. You helped us and we thank you.

The most important thank you goes out to the neighbors and residents of Norfolk County. Thank you for listening,  for pounding the pavement getting petitions signed, for making signs, for the wood donations,  for the paint donations,  for allowing us to put  signs on your front yard, for coming to the council meetings,  for attending protests in the cold weather and thank you for believing that together we could stop this. Without the support of the community and the common belief that this proposal was not appropriate for this site, together we stopped this proposal.

We hope that this was a wakeup call for many, and hope that in the future that residents continue to voice their opinions and thoughts by voting. Many people we spoke with indicated that they never voted as they thought that it would not make a difference, and that their one vote wouldn’t really matter. This  proposal shows that your one vote does matter, does count, and will make a difference.

We will come around when the snow starts to melt and the weather gets a bit warmer to remove the Biogas signs from your front lawns.

Again, thank you.


Tina Binder and your RAGE Committee

Supporting #Independent Media since 2011-

Supporting #Independent Media since 2011-

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  1. Can't believe it...

    Against ‘green’ energy? Well, ironically you will end up with a fervent green glow from all the nuclear radiation we’ll all be exposed to for the sake of powering our lamps and PCs….

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