Mayor Ken Hewitt on the people of Haldimand and how Charity Gala has set the bar

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The ‘enhanced’ program from the 1st Annual Mayor’s Charity Gala

Being recently involved in an event that requires significant teamwork and organization, I have even more respect for those that year after year work to make the festivals and parades in this County[Haldimand CP] as great as they are. I want to congratulate the team behind the Mudcat Festival for once again putting on a great weekend for the community. Despite the weather, the people hung on and supported the parade, despite the weather the fireworks were one of the best shows to date. While it takes great effort to put this together, it is the people attending that make it happen.
While I would like to thank the many volunteers who helped make the first Mayor’s Charity Gala an absolute success, it is without a doubt the people that showed up and opened their hearts and their wallets that ensured a successful evening. It is these people that truly showed what Haldimand is made up of, not us organizers. This year’s Gala has raised better than $100,000 in one night, that is a first, but my hope is not the last, in fact the bar has been set, and the Gala Committee has accepted the challenge to overcome new barriers.
Whether it is a parade in the rain in Dunnville, or parade on (hopefully hot Canada Day) in Caledonia, or a fun filled day in Cayuga, don’t just thank the organizers, thank the people. It is the people who keep attending, who keep supporting, who truly determine the success of anything we do here in Haldimand. I salute you all and I thank you for being the people you are, and that is the best part of Haldimand.   For the Silo by Ken Hewitt

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