MacPherson Cottage: New Uses For Old TV Towers

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The MacPherson cottage in Turkey Point is pretty cool. If the owners used to have a a large television antenna scanning the horizon for snowy US channels- they have something even better now. You may be old enough to remember searching for channel 29 with one eye directed towards the electronic rotary antenna controller and the other eye gazing on a fuzzy cathode ray tube. Back then, the subtlest of hand movements made all the difference in the world when it came to distant channel viewing. Back then there was an art to channel surfing.

Fast forward to the present day, and we no longer find analog television antennas facing the Lake. Now is the time of the digital satellite dish. But what to do with all of those old television towers? Some folks have placed their satellite dishes on the masthead but we have another idea. Why not build a kinetic sculpture and add it to the top of your tower? The MacPherson’s may have just done that very thing and they sure have found a fun way to add a little charm, character and art to their home.

Their Turkey Point cottage faces Lake Erie and its kinetic wheel sculpture seems to perpetually benefit from the wind. We have yet to visit Turkey Point this year and not see the MacPherson sculpture in action.

Our new silo robot cam has captured a sample of the action from a blustery March day. CP

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