Lake Erie Life Is Dangerous But Visiting Port Dover Harbour Museum Is Safe

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Have you visited the Port Dover Harbour Museum? Open the doors and become immersed in the stories of life along Lake Erie. Learn about the town of Port Dover’s history in boat building, commercial fishing and even rum running during the roaring twenties.
Port Dover Harbour Museum Enter “the Net Shanty” of the MacDonald Family to see the historical tools of the trade for commercial fishing or take time to admire the numerous model ships on display. Life on the lake is dangerous and the Lake Erie Quadrangle has claimed many lives.  In 1852 the steamer “The Atlantic” collided with a ship and sank, becoming one of the many shipwrecks in our Great Lakes.   Take time to visit the upper gallery and to see artifacts recovered from this disaster. Port Dover Harbour Museum Finally, step up to the Captain’s wheel in the wheelhouse of a 1912 freighter. The Port Dover Harbour Museum is located at 44 Harbour Street, Port Dover.  They are open daily and summer hours are 10-5 daily and from September to June 29th we are open 10-4:30 weekdays and 12-4 on weekends and holiday Mondays (please be sure to check theri website ;  call  519-583-2660 or visit them on Facebook and Twitter. Please mention The Silo when contacting. Once you’ve visited, we know we’ll see you there again soon!

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