Healing Ability Tops Most Wanted Superpower Poll By Ranker

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Superhero movies dominate the box office these days. With recent advancements in technology, studios are able to produce high quality special effects that captivate viewers in ways that other films just can’t. Perhaps this is because we all secretly hope we too have a special power. Ranker decided to take that concept a step further. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Flight? Invisibility? Time travel?

Our friends at Ranker, the #1 destination for crowdsourced rankings of everything, has released the results of its public poll asking voters to rank the superpowers they most wish they had. Healing Ability won the majority of the votes. It may not be as sexy as the ability to fly, but can you imagine not having to worry about healthcare? For the Silo, Jillian Nannery.

The international poll closed on April 6th and is based on 193k votes on 141 superpowers. The results are as follows:

1. Healing Ability (eg- The Wolverine)
2. Teleportation (eg- unknown girl in Chinese YouTube teleportation video above)
3. Time Manipulation (eg- Dr. Who)
4. Shapeshifting (eg- Plasticman)
5. Invincibility (eg- Sue Richards)
6. Flight (eg- Supergirl)
7. Super Speed (eg- The Flash)
8. Mind Control (eg- Jean Grey)
9. Super Intelligence (eg- Howard the Duck.. okay this one might be a stretch)
10. Super Strength (eg- She Hulk)

In addition, the poll results revealed:
-Millennials voted time manipulation as #1
-Women voted Teleportation as #1

About Ranker:
Ranker is a data-driven media company, the #1 online destination for opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings of everything. The company’s technology is centered on user engagement, turning its lists into the “best possible rankings” via the wisdom of crowds.
Supplemental- Wikia’s Superpower listing

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