Haldimand County To Consolidate Admin Offices into Cayuga Location

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Haldimand County Council identified the examination of Administrative Accommodations throughout the municipality as a top priority for the current term of Council. A comprehensive analysis began in 2015, producing several options for Council’s consideration and included extensive public consultation efforts. The review culminated with Council choosing to consolidate the current County administration offices, six in total, into one central, purpose-built, new administration facility in the geographically central, Cayuga community.

Chief Administrative Officer Don Boyle said, “I am proud of the dedicated staff who worked diligently on the Administration Accommodation Project and in particular General Manager, Craig Manley and Manager, Cathy Case. This project is a direct result of Council’s long-term focus on the County’s three Corporate Pillars of Growing the Local Economy, Community Vibrancy and Corporate Image and Efficient Government.”

The key outcomes expected are:

 Termination of the Caledonia office lease, eliminating $250,000 in annual rental costs;

 Closure of the Cayuga Administration Building, Dunnville Satellite Office, Hagersville Satellite Office & Caledonia Satellite Office with all staff moving to a new facility in Cayuga, capitalizing in efficiencies which can be passed on to customers;

 Construction of a new municipal administration facility with a useful lifespan for many years to come, reducing or eliminating the ongoing costly repairs and maintenance of existing facilities;

 Allowing provision of adequate space for municipal partners such as the OPP and the Haldimand-Norfolk Health and Social Services so they may continue to deliver vital services to Haldimand County residents;

 A significant and ambitious plan to enhance customer service throughout all communities by investing in technology and allowing the implementation of convenient and innovative online customer self-service;

 Enhancing the way our library system is utilized, creating community hubs that allow digital literacy and e-government opportunities inside each of the six library branches and delivering a contemporary customer service approach that extends beyond standard office hours.

“With an aging inventory of facilities, Council’s forward-thinking choice to consolidate allows for fiscal responsibility on behalf of all taxpayers. This decision is about maximizing efficiency in service delivery and providing a direct positive impact to the customer. Investing in the future of Haldimand County and delivering the best services possible for the community are the primary objectives of this Council, and consolidation into one new centralized structure will contribute to the accomplishment of these goals”, stated Mayor Hewitt.


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