Hal-Nor Liberal Crone: “Door-knocking Blitz = New Campaign Phase”

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*Crone’s “New Leadership for Jobs” campaign kicks into high gear*

*Open house and door-knocking blitz marks new phase of campaign, Liberal candidate says*

SIMCOE – Greg Crone, Ontario Liberal candidate, says his campaign for jobs has kicked into high gear with an official campaign office opening and door-knocking blitz.

People from across Haldimand-Norfolk converged at Crone’s campaign office, located at 10 Argyle Street in Simcoe, for a barbeque Saturday, taking signs and hitting the streets to knock on doors.

“Ontario is moving forward but we need new local leadership for jobs to move our community in Haldimand-Norfolk forward,” said Crone.

“We don’t want our young people moving away to seek opportunities elsewhere, only to return at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We want them to have jobs right here in Haldimand-Norfolk. That’s how you strengthen our community and create prosperity.”

Crone is the only local candidate who has been talking about jobs and who has put forward a positive jobs plan designed specifically for Haldimand-Norfolk in advance of the election period.

“Our provincial representative can be a help or a hindrance when it comes to economic development,” said Crone.

“My laser beam focus, in office, will be to work to implement my positive jobs plan so we can have the good-paying construction jobs, direct jobs, and spin-off jobs that we need, so we can have the prosperity we deserve.”

Crone’s positive plan to bring jobs to Haldimand-Norfolk includes a jobs retention and expansion strategy, a network of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and farmers, a “Just-In-Time” jobs strategy, a local economic summit and recognizing employers who protect the jobs of Canadian Armed Forces reservists.

Crone is a business journalist, formerly with the National Post, and economic development advisor who holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Queen’s University. His campaign theme is “New Leadership for Jobs.”

Photo caption: Liberal candidate Greg Crone and supporters at campaign office opening, Saturday September 10, 2011.

Contact: Greg Crone 519-429-3699

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