Groove Life Silicon Rings Are The Ring For Modern Living

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While out on the lake or soaking up the sun, pack along peace of mind instead of worries and injuries with the Groove Life silicone ring. Traditional metal rings are uncomfortable, costly to replace or repair and can lead to serious injury of caught on rocks, wires or other objects – turning a fun day into a medical emergency in minutes.

Instead of worrying about losing or damaging expensive, meaningful jewelry, let Groove Life provide a peace of mind with the Groove Ring. The Groove Ring features a comfort fit band made from low profile, flexible silicone that’s been imprinted with their patent-pending inner grooves. These grooves allow proper airflow, keeping moisture out and comfort front and center.
The Groove Ring is a revolutionary new accessory for the active user who wants to do it all without worrying about losing a finger or prized possessions. Backed with a lifetime warranty, the Groove Ring provides breathe-ability, flexibility, safety, security and style.

Offered in a variety of colors, sizes and styles the Groove Ring is the perfect accessory for all. Leave your worries behind while planning your next great adventure with the Groove Ring. For the Silo, Katie Lapinski.


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