Glass Artists Tannahill & Virtasalmi Shine

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Approaching its last week on display at the Light House Festival Theatre Gallery in Port Dover is a fantastic exhibition by Simcoe glass artists Robert Tannahill and Miia Virtasalmi.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out yet, I strongly suggest that you do.  The reason is simple: the collection of cast and blown glass presented by this couple is a truly unique sculptural blend, varying from Tannahill’s thoughtful, intriguing castings and blown glass popping out of found window panes, to Virtasalmi’s delightful, colourful and whimsical combinations of blown glass and found object sculptures.

This exhibition features a great variety of work, juxtaposed and complimenting each others’ catalogues. Some exceptional pieces worth mentioning are Tannahill’s Speak for yourself, See for yourself, Think for yourself, which comprises three cast glass masks, mounted on a found window pane, with copper mesh strategically placed over the mouth, eyes and frontal lobe of each mask.  Moreover, Virtasalmi’s piece Cupcake Darling offers the viewer a delicious display of succulent colourful glass fused in combination with delicate fine china.

While you are visiting the exhibition, take the time to peruse Virtasalmi’s book, which you will find on the piano by the front window.  It offers a pictorial step-by-step process of how she makes her paperweights, and further, illustrates how much process is evident in the final product of this couple’s glass work.   For more information on Tannahill and Virtasalmi please visit their website: EY

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