Field of Mice exhibit/installation highlights sculpture as living art-form

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Mary Catherine Newcomb- Product of Eden

Wilsonville, Ontario, Canada Field of Mice is a living art exhibition over on an acre of land at Wilsonville
Organics by Kitchener artist, Mary Catherine Newcomb. Sculpture, poetry and
performance facilitate a dialogue between artistic and farming practices. Newcomb
will hand-raise long-handled dipper gourds and grow them into mice-shaped molds; to
draw attention to the artist’s imaginative use of sculpture as a living art-form, a
grass maze will allow visitors to discover the “nests” as they wander.

“Hand-raising essential crops is an art – an intuitive balancing of variables in a
complex system. The nurturing engenders a relationship between farmer and plants
that is equivalent to an artist’s engagement with a developing artwork. An artist
respects, is sensitized to, challenged, instructed and changed by the qualities of
the material; the farmer is subsumed by, and must be prepared to respond to, often
unpredictable living systems,” states Mary Catherine Newcomb.

The project, as part of the greater Product of Eden series, locates the artistic
product of molded gourds into a natural environment that provides a counterpoint to
the understanding and expectations of contemporary art exhibitions. Without walls or
artificial lights, yet exposed to the cycle of nature, the artistic product and
process are integrated with natural events akin to the living cycles of the
neighbouring farms. The NAC seeks to broaden an awareness and interest in the
environment, wildlife, and agriculture through its programming.

Field of Mice public events include a recitation by the First Thursday Poets and
Writers Group on July 5th and a watercolour workshop by Robert Achtemichuk on July
3rd to be held outdoors at the project location. Mary Catherine Newcomb will be
tending the living exhibition as the project progresses.
Visitors can access the project site Thursday through Monday until the end of

For more information about Field of Mice, please visit: or the Field of Mice blog: for regular updates about the project. All are
Dates of Project: June 15 – October, 2012

Visiting Hours: Thursday through Monday or by appointment
Location: Wilsonville Organics, 1991 Old Hwy 24 (Pleasant Ridge
Rd.), Wilsonville, ON

Telephone: (519) 428-0540 (Norfolk Arts Centre)



About Mary Catherine Newcomb:

Mary Catherine Newcomb works and lives in Kitchener. Born in Montreal, she received
her art education at the University of Waterloo and York University. She has
exhibited her work extensively, with recent exhibitions in VOGELFREI’ 07 (Darmstadt,
Germany), the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (Waterloo), Rodman Hall Art Centre (St.
Catharines), the Loop Gallery (Toronto) and CAFKA (Kitchener-Waterloo). In February
2010 the Region of Waterloo unveiled “Pear Tree”, a new sculpture commissioned for
the Region’s Public Health and Social Services building.  She is the recipient of
several awards including the Ontario Arts Council’s K.M. Hunter Artists Awards. For
more information about Mary Catherine Newcomb, please go to:
The Norfolk Arts Centre acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Arts
Council and the Young Canada Work program of Department of Canadian Heritage in the
presentation of this project.

For more information contact:

Deirdre Chisholm, Director

Norfolk Arts Centre

21 Lynnwood Ave.

Simcoe ON  N3Y 2V7

(519) 428-0540<>

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