UPDATE Christmas art/artisan shopping event in Dunnville’s Lifespan Centre

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Tracey-Mae displaying one of her paintings

Although I have never organized an event of this nature, I have participated in many, many events and have always kept track of the positives and negatives of each one.

Since I had not heard of any events for Christmas, using the new Lifespan Centre in Dunnville, I decided to give it a go. And here we are just days away!

All the vendors and I are so excited to show our wares at such a beautiful facility in our own town. Many of the vendors are from the Haldimand area which is such a great boost for them to show in their own community. I am happy to say that there is a wide variety of artists and crafters as well as quality giftware coming to participate. It has been a substantial amount of work, but worth all the effort as I am certain the sale will be well attended by more than just the hockey crowd.

For example, the entire Krick family from Selkirk are bringing all of their wares…now that is a family of artistic talent! There is also a smattering of handmade jewellery which is all the rage right now as well as homemade candles and moccasins. There is something for everyone on your Christmas list as many of the vendors have gift baskets and bags for you to simply buy ready-made!

If by chance you have some aches and pains, there is a massage chair  for you to relax in  after your heavy duty shopping experience.To further relax you, there are wonderful scents for your home as well as home decor items. To help with all that holiday food preparation, there are wonderful items to help you in your tasks including spices and coffees.

I am happy to say that I have secured several graffiti artists to come and show their diverse and impressive talents. They will be demonstrating how they draw their wonderful art-form as well as selling to-shirts, hoodies and stickers and drawings done on the spot for customers! What better gift for a young person than a custom piece of art with their name on it in graffiti made by one our own local talent! Look no further than Haldimand for a diverse range of gifted artists and crafters. There are twenty three of these talents showing at this event and I am proud to have every one of them here.
I am happy to say I have completed a new series of mixed media paintings in small sizes for the show as well as a larger size body of work and my pen and inks.
I know people will come out and support our local artisans at this great opportunity to buy for Christmas!

Tracey Mae Chambers is a new writing contributor for The Silo and is a Metis artist from Dunnville, Ontario where she has her in-home gallery at 909 John Street. Silo Direct Link to Tracey-Mae Chambers Website

UPDATE- December 12th, 2011 The Silo’s Lacie Williamson visited the show and met with many of the wonderful artists and artisans. Here are some photographs from the event.

Kimiko Kobayashi is a painter, printmaker and photographer who participated in the Art Show. www.wix.com/kimikokobayashi/1


Brendan Krick is a 23 year old self taught black smith from Selkirk who showcased his hand forged iron sculptures and amenities whilesurrounded by his father, Raymond Krick's fine art paintings that werealso for sale.


Grafitti artists participated in the Dunnville Christmas arts and crafts sale offering custom artwork completed in front of your eyes as well as completed works.

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