Coca-Cola /Nestle’s $$$ Donation to North American World Health Organization: Ironic?

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Mexico might have gotten the Reuters headline on these graphs, but Canada is in the top ten (per capita) of largest soda consumers and in the top ten of obesity and overweight adults.

Reuter’s discovered that NAHO (North American Health Organization) has taken money directly from Coca-cola and Nestle , against their own policy of not receiving direct money from food industry. Especially in North America, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are on the rise. I won’t say that these companies are to blame for it (it is a person’s choice what to eat) but their availability and suave marketing entice us all.

Nestle isn’t just a baby formula company. They also produce Ben & Jerry’s, chocolate bars (curse you Kit Kat), meal replacement drinks which all contribute to health woes for those who indulge more often than they should. Coca-Cola produces pops, fruit drinks (and water).

By World Health Organization (WHO) policies they have in place, no direct money should be accepted by health care organizations so decisions will not be influenced by money (no lobbying). It is one of the Ten Steps hospitals much abide by to be designated as “Baby Friendly” ( ).

We should be concerned. The lobbying my food industry companies which produce high sugar food and drinks (whose fructose-based sugars increase the likelihood of diabetes, when compared to those to do not consume them) now have a place at the table with The World Health Organization. We should be frightened that our most important health policy makers can now be influenced by profit-driven companies. They are profit driven, not health driven.

There is no argument which could make made to say that partaking of the items these companies produce increase our health standards. Yes, everything in moderation may be safe. I like to eat Ben & Jerry’s the odd time, but the fat and sugar content is extreme. It is a treat. How can the World Health Organization expect other health care workers and agencies to take a stance against funds coming from sugar and fat food industry when they are not doing it themselves.

45 years ago (almost to the day) The ‘other’ WHO released their experimental album The Who Sell Out. #recommended

We need a non-biased lead in making health decisions. The WHO (World Health Organization)  can’t say it is them anymore. If not them, who will? For the Silo by Aboriginal midwife Stephanie MacDonald, IBCLC. Contact Stephanie on twitter @StephIBCLC

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