Citizenry fights proposed Biogas facility: borders Big Creek and water table effects are high

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Hi Silo, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but this fight really takes up a lot of my time and sometimes I spread myself too thin. This company known as Trade 360 (Corporation) also known as Erie Biogas Cogeneration and Organics Processing Facility intent to purchase this property from Smuckers and turn it into a Biogas Cogeneration Facility. They indicate that this transaction will close on December 14th, 2012. They indicate that it is a great way to repurpose this site, and a great way to re-use 600 fibreglass tanks that were intended for pickles. Not garbage. I attach an aerial picture of the Bicks plant.

Aerial photo of the Bicks plant. photo: courtesy of the author

They further state that it is organic material from green bins that they will be bringing in from Toronto and other large cities, but when I think of green bin waste, I do not think of diapers (not just little Susie’s diapers, but Susie’s grandma’s diapers) used feminine products, animal waste and and dead animals. You can smell it already. It makes me think of all the bbq’s that will no longer happen at my house if this proposal get the approval from the Ontario Power Authority and then the Ministry of Environment.

This is a green energy application and the Municipality does not have a say in this proposal. This company has come before Council and has made a presentation, but they did not ask for Council’s endorsement of the project.

Apparently the OPA likes it when the Municipality endorses a project and tends to forge ahead with projects that Municipalities ok. We have been to council 2 times already and we will keep going back just to re-enforce the issue as well as to let them know that this idea stinks in more ways than one.

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This property borders Big Creek and the possibility of the tanks breaking and entering into the water table is high. Some of the neighbours surrounding Bicks, have their sand points only 4 feet in the ground. Our farm abuts the Bicks property, and our point is 18 feet in the ground. This could be an environmental nightmare. I attach a link to the Agri – Canada Site that has a map that they have prepared called areas vulnerable to groundwater contamination. It is a large map, but if you look at Norfolk County and specifically the area where Bicks is, this area is highlighted. Click the link, and the map is the very last map on this page.

I have attached a copy of the the most recent info sheet that was prepared, as well as a copy of the info sheet dated September 6 and the contact sheet attached. These were put in people’s mailboxes in an attempt to give them a brief over view of what is going on.

Also check out our face book page at the following link. You can check out the many articles written in the paper about the issue on our facebook page. We just started the site on Friday, but we suggest that you tell all of your facebook friends about this issue.

Also, we are having a public information session on Thursday November 22nd, 2012 at the Teeterville Legion from 7 to 9 pm in an effort the let the public know what is going on, and how they can help us stop this.

We have a petition started, and I have almost 900 signatures in my possession in an effort to stop this. This petition can be found at the Vanessa Store, the La Salette Store and Partner Automotive in Delhi, Ontario.

Thanks again.

Tina Binder


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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I hate to be providing this update, but Smuckers has sold the former Bicks plant to Erie Biogas Cogeneration and Organics Processing Inc. effective December 21st, 2012.

    They sold the property for $1,250,000.00. Smuckers in turn gave them back a mortgage for $1,000,000.00 and another private lender by the name of Gulfwing Productions Inc, gave them a mortgage in the amount of $200,000.00. So they had to come up $50,000.00 plus their closing costs, so likely an additional $25 to 50 thousand.

    Both of the mortgages are interest only, and it still leaves Smuckers in a position of control. If Erie Biogas fails to pay the mortgage, Smuckers will call it in, and then become the owner once again.

    I think it is still important to let Smuckers know that we don’t approve of this sale, and I have found a new contact. His name is George Ellinidis, he is a lawyer based here in Ontario for Smuckers. He is away on holidays right now, but will be returning to the office on January 2nd, 2013. He can be contacted at 905-940-9600 or e-mail at

    Continue to write letters, e-mails, phone calls to all Provincial Ministries, Toby Barrett, the Mayor and Councilliors, and anyone that you think should know about this development, and this issue before us. Your voice is important.


    Tina Binder

  2. It’s too bad we didn’t have this kind of response to the City of Milwaulkee’s Councillor’s request to allow the building of a “Bleach” manufacturing plant, some three miles West of the City’s brand new Sewage Treatment Plant, in 1976.. The newly opened Plant took the city’s garbage, as well, it’s sewage, pumped into digesters that produced enough methane to generate electricity for most of the city, provided a new fertilizer that some of you will remember as “Mil-org-nite” (Milwaulkee- organic-Nitrogen compost..) that, in turn brought in some $300 million in two years, and paid for the cost of the Plant..
    Within 6 months of the Chlorine Bleach Plant opening up, the digesters fouled solid, the plant shut down and hundreds of thousands of tons of raw sewage went into Lake Michigan for several months as the old 1919 sewage treatment plant was refired up..

    Lessons to be learned,… lessons

  3. I just wanted to provide an update to this story.

    Our public information meeting on Thursday November 22nd, 2012 was great.We had over 150 people show up, the building was busting with people. TobyBarrett, Mike Columbus, and Vic Janulis were all there and spoke, and gave our group their support.

    I Just wanted to let you know that we are having a public rally on Saturday December 1st, 2012 at 11 am in Ingersoll, Ontario at the Fusion Youth Centre, 121 Thames Street North.This is where the first provincial liberal leadership debate is being held. It is also the only one in Southwestern Ontario.

    We need to let the future liberal leader know that the Green Energy Act needs to restore all rights back to municipalities, and we need to let them know that we do not want a biogas cogeneration facility in Norfolk County at the former Bicks plant. Toronto can keep their own trash.

    Bring your sign, bring your support, we will be there.

    Thanks. If anyone has questions, give me a call at 519-443-4983.

    Tina Binder

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