Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Utilities provide 140 Power Plug meters to Grand Erie Schools

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(Brantford, ON)  In an effort to create more awareness of electricity consumption and conservation opportunities, Brantford Power, Brant County Power, Haldimand County Hydro and Norfolk Power assembled recently to present the Grand Erie District School Board with 140 power plug meters for their school libraries.  Elementary and high school students will be encouraged to borrow the meters to take home and see the exact amount of electricity their electronics, appliances and other devices use.  Once they know this information they have an opportunity, with their families, to focus their energy-saving efforts on those things that use the most energy.

The meter is plugged into a power outlet, and in turn the device or appliance is plugged into the meter.  The meter’s screen will display how much electricity the device or appliance is using. It can track power consumption during a connected session and will display the total kilowatt hours and energy costs.  By using the meter alone, or in conjunction with the peaksaver PLUS* free In Home Energy Display, residential customers can manage their electricity use.

Energy Companies And GEDSBPhoto: From left to right (top row): Katie Hashimoto, Environmental Officer, Grand Erie DSB; Karen Spain, Conservation & Demand Coordinator, Brant County Hydro; Jennifer Batista Conservation Program Officer, Norfolk Power Distribution Inc.; Joanne Van Panhuis, Conservation Officer, Brantford Power; Tom Oldham, Manager of Facilities Services, Grand Erie DSB and Tom Krukowski, Assistant Manager, Facilities Services, Grand Erie DSB. (Bottom row): Wendy Robinson, Conservation Manager, Brant County Power, Carol Ann Sloat, Chair of Grand Erie DSB, and Cindy Marr, Conservation Program Specialist, Haldimand County Hydro Inc..

Downtown Brantford Fall 2014

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