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Since 2004, Bill and his co-writer Joe DeAngelis have produced 4 full length Cds

Since 2004, Bill and his co-writer Joe DeAngelis have produced 4 full length Cds

Driven Blues /Rock legend Bill Durst is still going strong. Lucky us, he will command the stage in Port Dover’s Friday 13th 2014 Biker celebration.

Bill now has over 115 songs written and recorded with a recent release of his 11 CD “Hard and Heavy”. To his credit, Bill has 7 national radio chart hits and a huge fan base that has grown from his many tours across North America as well as Europe. Yay… Bill keeps doing cross country tours and cranking out the tunes.

Durst has opened for Aerosmith, Rush, Bob Seger, The Yardbirds, Sly and The Family Stone, George Thorogood, Bad Company, Jeff Healey, Edgar Winter Group, The Tubes, David Clayton Thomas, Savoy Brown and Little Feat to name just a few.

He’s received the coveted London Music Award for Best R&B/Blues Artist of the Year, his earlier CD, The Great Willy Mammoth, was declared one of Canada’s Best Blues Albums for 2011 by Blind Lemon News. His early career success started with his band, Thundermug, whom released their debut album THUNDERMUG STRIKES in 1972, so you see, “he’s been Rockin for a while.”

In the mid 80’s, Bill branched off a bit and became known as “the biggest bar band in Canada” with a band named Tres Hombres, a ZZ Top cover band. As you see by his picture, he still has the signature LONG Beard grown for the Tres Hombres ZZ Top Image.

Since 2004, Bill and his co-writer Joe DeAngelis have produced 4 full length Cd’s:

1- The Wharncliffe Sessions 2005

2- The Great Willy Mammoth 2009

3- Live 2012

4- Hard And Heavy  last year in 2013

Live, there is nobody like Bill. The familiar ZZ Top style sound of his Gibson SG through a Marshall amp, combined with his deep distinctive voice and his totally amazing guitar licks and chops always captures the crowds attention. He has both the listeners and the dancers captivated and wanting more. A personal favourite of mine is Bill’s version of Little Wing, a Jimi Hendrix Cover, that in my opinion Bill does better than anyone… ever!

Young or old, Bill’s professionalism and warm hearted  presence is a must see, and a few of his CD’s should be in everyone’s collection.

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Bill Durst – Jenny’s in the Gin

Bill Durst La Grange

211 Main Port Dover

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