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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Holy Trinity High school in Simcoe and speak to Mr. Nugteren’s grade 12 auto class about customizing cars. My visit was part of the Silo’s Community Education outreach program. [Silo photographer Melissa Heimbuch also conducted an outreach this spring and visited Simcoe Composite School to speak with Ms. Yantha’s senior photography class CP]

photo: The Silo/M. Heimbuch

I must say that I was very impressed by their shop and by the equipment available to the students. Even more impressive was their in-class projects. They had a sweet classic Ford pickup that they had work on and a Mazda rx-7 running a built-up 350 small block Chevy. Grrr!

It’s sorta #Porsche like…kinda…sorta. Thinking 1993 944 Turbo S

This thing had a lot of fabricated frame improvements front to back, very impressive stuff. In my opinion an extremely cool mash-up of import and domestic. These types of improvements are not every day-easy-to-do upgrades. Even more impressive is that this car runs in the 12’s! Students in this shop are fortunate to be learning about customization and I’d like to return to the class when the vehicles are finished for a more in-depth write up. Stay tuned…

Auto-emotion? What is it about cars that completely captivates the select few of us and still does a pretty bang up job of catching the attention of the rest of the demographic? Is it purely a primal reaction to something bright and shiny? Is it a reflection of man’s simple urge to control something of power? Or is it something else? Passion for some, love for others, but what can you attribute to being the cause of an owner investing in a $20 000 engine or supercharger in\on their vehicle? Or to spend hundreds
or maybe even thousands of man hours tweaking every little detail to pure perfection. For many owners, it’s a wild goose choose that never ends because there is always something to improve on. Like, it could be a little bit faster, a little bit louder, a little bit shinier, or run just a little bit better. To me these reasons are almost like a lust. A lust for constantly wanting perfection even when you completely achieve it. And then….it’s still not complete.

Robb Price owns and operates WC Kustoms in Windham Centre, Ontario and is a regular automotive writer for The Silo.

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