Access To Local Beach Gem Axed

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There are fewer and fewer vestiges of classic, ‘secret’ or hidden gems throughout Norfolk. You know these places IF you’ve lived here long enough. Special spots removed from the daytrippers and adventurous tourists. Names like Hastings Drive are synonymous with ‘the local getaway’. Sure there’s still Gravelly Bay but you need a boat to get there…and now it seems, we’ve lost access to one of those special places.

But let’s try to understand the motivation behind an imposing wall of sand and along the way, all of those pert no-parking signs. You see, the last time The Silo went on a pilgrimage to Long Point we almost turned around because we weren’t sure our car would be able to legally be left alone. But there’s that sense, that tingle that a story was brewing so we continued to the end of the street where we found ourselves facing the blockage. The view of the lake was totally hidden like a sphinx covered in sand. But we’ve lived here a long time and we knew what layed ahead waiting- a glorious stretch of white sand.

We could hear the roar of the surf. We climbed up the top of the road barrier and took a few pictures before simultaneously arriving at the same conclusion: preventing access to this beach is a sin.

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