Flea Market finds fuel ABC’s The Great Big American Auction

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The host of Heritage Auction's upcoming ABC special: Ty Pennington photo:J. Shearer www.wireimage.com

ABC had announced that it would air The Great Big American Auction, in a very special television first made-for-TV auction event, at 10 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, Dec. 8. The show  starred Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, one of America’s leading reality TV personalities, and feature exclusively Heritage Auctions’ experts, auction services and staff.

The special was produced by Cineflix (Auction) Inc. for ABC. Executive Producers were Lisa Levenson, Ty Pennington, Joe Houlihan and Simon Lloyd.

Ty Pennington has been transforming people’s homes and lives for several years now as the host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and has now found an exciting new way to change lives by turning their memorabilia and assorted hidden finds into treasures worth life-changing amounts of money.

After scouring flea markets, cellars, attics and yard sales to find one-of-a-kind items whose owners have no idea of their real value, Pennington, with a team of experts from Heritage Auctions, tags the best items and brings them to The Queen Mary oceanliner in Long Beach, CA for The Great Big American Auction. The exceptional collectibles range from first edition classic comic books to rare American currency to an early 20th century baseball icon’s checkbook, and much more in-between, all chosen for their rarity, value and the uniqueness of the consignor’s story.

“It’s a great thrill to be part of this major network, prime time show, to work with Cineflex and ABC and a star the magnitude and class of Ty Pennington,” said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions. “We went to great lengths with our staff and experts to make sure that all these unique items have great stories and that they live up to Heritage’s exacting consignment standards. We hope that everyone will enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.”

Objects originally bought for mere dollars, or literally plucked right out the trash will go for thousands of dollars as their lucky owners’ lives are changed for the better.

The Great Big American Auction will air on Thursday, Dec. 8 AT 10 P.M. (ET) on The ABC Television Network.

Heritage Auctions is always seeking “consignments with a story” for possible future TV projects. If you think you might have a unique item and a unique story, email to TVShow@HA.com. CP  Did you watch the show? What are your thoughts? email us! contentproducer@thesilo.ca

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