Tougher anti-bullying laws to protect children? Good hard look at Bill 113

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Bullying Girls High SchoolWhen a little girl begs and pleads with her mother to keep her home from school and a high school student is teased and humiliated to the brink of death, it’s time to take a good hard look at Bill 113. Why? Unfortunate incidences of bullying occurred after 2012 which prove that there are loopholes in The Accepting Schools Act. Need more proof? Try 136 reported incidents of bullying in Ontario schools since The Accepting Schools Act came into play in 2012.

The solution is a simple one; tougher anti-bullying laws to protect the well being of children.

The only way to protect vulnerable children is to “force” schools to adopt an anti-bullying culture. A petition has been drafted asking the Ontario Government to implement a “mandatory” weekly course study into the public school system (elementary, middle & high school) that focuses on anti-social behavior and teaches anti-bullying ethics, morals and values, especially since bullying is a matter of public health and safety. Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims and at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying. Which begs the question; when a child takes their own life as a result of bullying who’s accountable?

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Certainly one would agree that someone needs to bear some level of responsibility. The petition implores a mandatory penalty under civil law in bully related deaths by suicide. The petitioner, Michell Archibald, is hoping and praying that the Ontario Government will step it up a notch and lead by example, and send a strong message to the nations along with educators, bullies and their parents which screams ZERO TOLERANCE!

Michell Archibald is an aspiring screenwriter from Ontario currently pitching the first ever super hero anti-bullying TV series to animation studios across North America and Europe. Cobraman TV series was created to accomplish 3 specific goals:

* Bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullied and disabled kids

* Instill the importance of morals and values into the hearts and minds of bullies, using Cobraman as a role-model

* Provide bullying education and empower bystanders, educators and parents to change the social climate of the school  Industry pros may visit for more details.

Why An Anti-Bullying Super Hero? Not only do children adore super heroes, becoming a super hero in their play allows them to access some sense of power. It can help them act out and process any inner turmoil and sense of powerlessness that they have. This can help children to resolve issues of power and control, and it allows them to resolve or reduce fears and anxiety.

Cobraman Bully Busting Superhero

Hence the birth of Cobraman – a real life social justice advocate especially designed to instill faith, hope & perseverance into the hearts and minds of vulnerable children. Cobraman initiatives are for bullied and disabled kids and teens who lost their life as a result of bullying. Rest assured, their deaths will not be in vain. Michell Archibald created Cobraman six years ago when her then four year old daughter, Phily-Lexxy, fell victim to bullying. Now ten years of age, former bully victim and inspiration, Phily-Lexxy, shares her testimony with the world, as does the aforementioned high school student, Shahid Munawar. All in the name of bullying awareness. Let’s work together to keep our kids safe and kick bullying to the curb once and for all. Off to the races! SIGN PETITION HERE

1963 film The Lord of the Flies based on William Golding's novel.

1963 film The Lord of the Flies based on William Golding’s novel.

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