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Creativity In Mainstream Media Sadly About Machine Creativity

[You may know him from the movies “What The Bleep Do We Know”  and “Down The Rabbit Hole” – Two great introductory documentaries on Quantum Physics you really owe it to yourself to see.  Let the Silo introduce you to a welcomed, new contributor-  Dr. Amit Goswami – Author, Speaker and Scientist. Ed.] “I am...


Top Ways Folks Go Broke


Being broke sucks and you don’t have to come from a wealthy family, have the next  billion-dollar idea or work 18-hour days to become rich, says self-made millionaire Mike Finley. In...


Mountain Biking In Nepal


   H+I Adventures  returned to biking the Himalayas for the first time since Nepal’s devastating earthquake in late October 2015. Continuing to support and promote Nepal’s local tourism industry was...